♫ Nunut ngiyup, kulo nunut ngiyup. Udan lali ra nggowo payung. Teng tritis kulo nggih purun. Teng emper kulo nggih purun. Sak derenge matur nuwun. ♫ 

The song is trapped in my head after I was listening to a Bossanova Jawa playlist on YouTube. It feels like my brain keeps singing after the song had ended. The harder I try to forget, the bigger the resistance to keep it inside.

I have no idea why that particular song got stuck and not others—though. Whether it is because of upbeat melody or repetitive lyrics or simple rhythm; I do not know. I am not sure.

According to Professor James Kellaris, the phenomenon is an interaction between music and mind. It is called “repetunitis” or “melodymania” or “earworm” or “stuck-tune syndrome”.

If we are being tortured because of it, one way to cure the syndrome is to listen to the song over and over again. Other ways are to sing another song, do another activity that can make us busy, and share the song with a friend.

Since I do not feel tortured, in my case I would prefer the first option. Simply speaking, I enjoy the song. It cures my homesickness.

Listening to it makes me feel like I am sitting in the living room, enjoying a cup of hot tea and a plate of fried banana while having a conversation with my whole family on a Sunday morning. Lovely.

So, here I go: add the song on my favorite playlist and listen to it all the way through. Until I find the replacement.

♫ Nunut leren, kulo nunut leren. Ajeng mantuk sampun kewengen. Udane ra leren leren, banyune netes ning genteng. Leren kulo nunut leren. ♫

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