Previously, I have written about Copy, an online storage that gives me 20GB for free. Simply speaking, just like Dropbox, the capacity could be increased depends on our efforts. In Copy, we only need to invite people to use it using referral form. If they are interested and then install  the application in their desktop or mobile, both of us will earn additional 5GB, besides 15GB that already been given. Whereas, in Dropbox we could do several things, just like inviting friends to register, connecting to our Facebook account, following its twitter account, installing in other devices, etc. My current space in Dropbox is only 10GB, a half of my storage in Copy.


However, it seems now they already have a very tough competitor: box. During its promotional period from January 15, 2014 to February 15, 2014, box gives me 50GB. For free! Without any additional efforts like I have mentioned above. The only thing that I have done are downloading the application from App Store, installing to my smartphone, and registering my email account. And, viola! I got 50GB in my “pocket”.


Based on my experience, there are several advantages saving my documents in online storages, but the most important one is I become less worried about losing my files because of unexpected things happen to my PC, laptop, portable hard drive, or USB flash drive. So far, I just need to install those applications in my smartphone, laptop, and laboratory computer. And every time those devices connect to the internet, the files are automatically synchronized.

I fully understand that It is still too early to say goodbye to the USB flash drive or portable hard drive, but I believe it would be happen sooner or later. At least, wait until super fast WiFi connection is available everywhere. For free.

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