The Last Treasure


I have tried many coffees from different brands in Indonesia, and I personally conclude that there are no other brands can overcome Indocafe Coffeemix. Its ingredient combination is perfect; the coffee, creamer, and sugar are compounded beautifully in one package. When they meet our anterior of tongue, the sensation will influence our brain to realize that life is more beautiful than what we have thought before.

Honestly speaking, the coffee has faithfully accompanied me during hectic seasons as a student since I was in the high school. It was around 13 years ago, when Sheila on 7 and Padi’s song dominated music chart in all Purwokerto radio stations.

Kau coba hapuskan rasa, rasa dimana kau melayang jauh dari jiwaku juga mimpiku.

Uwoo uwoo.

Do you remember?
Eh, you even do not know the band?!
Seriously? You are not kidding me, aren’t you?

Duta Modjo? Eross Chandra? Piyu?
Still does not ring any bells?

Ah, OK. It is better we discuss it later. I am kind of desperate here. Let’s go back to talk about the coffee.

Unfortunately, It is not available in YouMe, 7-11, nor Lawson near the apato. Since it is the last one in my treasure box, seems I have to be patient to enjoy its special taste again.


Kindly forget about the too-much-things that I wrote before. The very first reason why I like this brand is because it was cheap enough for a high school student during my time. That is all. No others.


Best regards,
A member of Indocafe Coffeemix & Indomie Goreng Telor Team, who is still stuck in interpreting the Stata Output.

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