Swinging Voter

I do believe, social media and mass media would be more convenience to read if during this period, before the general election, each of any presidential candidate supporters are more focused to introduce their candidate instead of insulting their opponents. So, as a swinging voter, I can compare all candidates available fairly and, in the end, can decide where my vote will go.

In a simple way, the supporters can explain to the people like me about what your candidate have been done so far? What is his highest achievement as a leader in his previous or current position? What is he going to do if he becomes the winner? It would be better if he already has a shadow cabinet, but I understand this one is quite difficult. And the most important is; how can I am fully sure, if after winning the election his policies belong to the people―not to the party?

Time is running out. Just give your best effort to answer those four questions above. No need to waste your time by talking anything bad about any candidate from opposing parties. I hardly believe that kind of campaign will increase your candidate’s additional value. Instead, it would be disgrace him. Why? Well, when voting a person to be the president, besides those questions I consider other things as well, and his supporter is one of them.

All in all, is it more interesting people vote your candidate as the president because the voters believe that he is capable of it? Not because they have no other choice.

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