Demi Republik!

It could be not as nice as you have expected.
It might be not as good as you have seen before.
But this is the best what we could give to you.

At least, now I have an answer if someday my children ask about what I have done for Indonesia. I will show them this picture and say, “That’s your father on the left. My friends and I introduced our dangerously beautiful country in our own way. We’re performing Saman dance several years ago in Japan.”

Thank you for awarding me the opportunity.
Thank you for giving us the massive support.


~Photograph courtesy of Purwoko Haryadi

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Salah satu orang yang percaya bahwa pemikiran harus dituliskan agar ia tidak musnah; cita-cita harus dinyatakan agar ia tidak terlupakan; dan pengalaman harus dibagi untuk menjadi pelajaran. Email: arifpras[at]

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