Cursing Corp.


“We have so many applicants for this position, therefore it would be beneficial for us to know more about you. Could you tell me what your strengths are?”


“Sure. I have a lot of experience in cursing and continuously complaining, not to mention in spreading hating in social media.”


“Interesting. How far can you go?”


“24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week.”


“That’s always every day?!”


“You listen to it clearly. Moreover, I have a professional certificate in this field. So, no matter who they are, I can do it without thinking twice. As long as they have a different opinion with me, I can go further. Actually, it’s already there. I have attached all of my FB & Twitter’s timeline on the job application. I can give you more if you wish.”


“Nope. That’s enough. I have read it before our meeting. I just need a confirmation, since what’s written there are quite unbelievable. However, it seems you’re exactly what we are looking for. We need a person who has a professional experience in this position. And you. Yeah, you’re the most suitable one. You can start working here tomorrow. We cannot waste our time since the upcoming election is approaching. Congratulation…and welcome to the company.”

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Salah satu orang yang percaya bahwa pemikiran harus dituliskan agar ia tidak musnah; cita-cita harus dinyatakan agar ia tidak terlupakan; dan pengalaman harus dibagi untuk menjadi pelajaran. Email: arifpras[at]

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