The Memory Remains

I wish I had a bad dream when Chap-san apprised me you are not around anymore. I cannot lie to myself. It is a truly great loss. I have lost one of few people, who I respected the most. 

Since you accepted me as your student, I only remember a good thing about you. Your patience in guiding our thesis writing, your jokes during the lab seminar, or your help in making us comfortable to study during the master program in Hiroshima University will always live in our memories.

You have given me additional boosters and strengths since the first day we met. Even when we have separated thousands of miles away, you always give me millions of confidences via your emails. 

You must be so busy, but take a good care of yourself and your family. Please let me know how are you doing these days.

Ah, how I miss replying an email from you. Informing you about some crazy traffic jams that I have to conquer every day, what am I doing in the office after being moved to another division, or my beloved 慧-kun.

The last email you send few weeks ago telling us about the great news and, as usual, asking are all of us doing well. But unfortunately, you were not. Chap-san told me you were hospitalized due to a heart attack a few days after sending the email.

Nevertheless, I have to believe, The Almighty has a better plan for you. For us.

Sayonara, Ishida Sensei. Thank you for all you have done. Your kindness and your spirit will always stay in every step I take.  I do apologize since I do not have anything to return the favor.

I will never have.

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