Bobotoh Taqwa

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Just some statements from Bobotoh (#BobotohTaqwa) during a game between their club, PERSIB Bandung, and Bali United. Using banners they raised several issues: the conflict in Syria (#SaveSyria, #PrayForSyria, #PrayForIdlib) and a protest to respect Maghrib praying time since the football match kick-off usually begins at the same time with the Maghrib adhan (#JanganKickOffMaghrib, #HargaiWaktuSholat).

Specifically, about the praying time, I assume they (so do I) would prefer the kick-off in Indonesian Football League could be adjusted, considering the period between the Maghrib to Isya is quite tight. Therefore all the players, officials, and spectators can perform the prayings before the match begin.

Note: The Pictures are taken from @simamaung on twitter.

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