I am not trying to compare this version with the original one–which is undisputable, but listening to this one is really refreshing. It brings back the old memories when I was still a freshmen in the high school.

Now, when I am already a married man, reread again the lyric give me goose bumps. The song knockouts me from the first verse. It is really different compared to about ten years ago when listening to it at the first time. 

Tenangkan resahku, saat langkahku terasa berat.

Teduhkan jiwaku, saat matahari bersinar terlalu pijar.

Karena dirimu satu-satunya yang kuandalkan.

Saat diriku tak mampu berdiri di sini–sendiri.


Ceritakan, Sayang. Hari-hari yang telah kau lalui.

Katakanlah, Sayang. Semua hal yang kau benci dari diriku.

Cobalah. Cobalah untuk mengerti keadaan ini.

Aku rapuh, saat kau tinggalkan.

Enough. It is time to wave the white flag.


Just enjoy the song. Feel it by yourself. If it does not make you get a goose bump like me, I do not know what will.

Here you are another depressing song that could kill your good mood since the very beginning. Combine it with gloomy day, less-warm weather, and quiet lab; then it could be perfect.

And I am feeling so small. It was over my head, I know nothing at all.

And I will stumble and fall. I am still learning to love. Just starting to crawl.

If it is not 706.8 km away, I could run and hug my wifetightly.